This is a short story on how a friend of mine was delighted by the Service he received from his Customer!

My friend has been running a service business for over two decades and is well known in his community for his continuous focus in providing customers with the best possible service experience. Over the years his business had grown from a very small, one man operation, to a respected local business with over 200 technicians, managers, and back office staff. Having diversified his business to represent several Multi National Companies, he has had to relinquish, some of the responsibility of running the day to day activities of his business. His organisation shares his vision of providing best in class customer service. But, as the company has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to meet every customers expectation.

Recently, due to improper communication and delay in taking action, a very valuable customer was insulted by the team. Having understood the gravity of the situation, my friend decided to personally visit the customer to extend an apology and to mend the relationship. This meant that he would have to drive over 150 kms (one way); but he wasn’t about to allow distance and time deter him from taking action. As you might expect, his visit was successful and the customer was delighted by his promptness. They agreed to continue doing business together, and be more mindful of each others problems. After the meeting my friend and his two managers, decided to spend the rest of the morning visiting other customers in the vicinity.

The day was progressing as planned until the vehicle they were travelling in had a breakdown. They were shocked to see that both the front and rear tyres on the left of the car were punctured, and the worst part was that they were in the middle of nowhere with just one spare. In desperation my friend called up his customer and explained his predicament. Before he knew it, the customer had already sent a vehicle with helpers to dismantle the tyres and take it to the nearest repair shop. Almost immediately following the departure of his helpers, the customer himself arrived to escort my friend to his home for lunch.

Over lunch, my friend was thanking the customer for his generosity, when news arrived that the tyres were not repairable. The customer reassured my friend that he would have them on their way back home soon, and to enjoy lunch. After lunch the customer proceeded to accompany my friend and his team to the nearest tyre shop and bought new tyres for them. The tyres were replaced and the team could finally return, but not before thanking the customer profusely.

On hearing about this incident, I decided to call my friend up to check if he was ok. He couldn’t stop talking about the whole incident. He was clearly thankful, embarrassed, excited, and overwhelmed by the experience. He had experienced unconditional customer service from his customer! He told me that he has taken the decision to try and provide all his customers with a similar experience.

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