Providing timely service is the focal point of a service business. Every industry has a benchmark for timely service, and you are the best judge of your customers expectations. Some companies follow the time tested method of using a physical register to capture their customers service requests while others use excel spreadsheets to do the same thing. Both these methods are important and have their place in any service organisation. However, they have their inherent weaknesses. Take the physical register for example. There is only one copy and it can be updated only if the person responsible is present in office. It is entered by hand and can be difficult to read for others when reviewing the same. It is difficult to monitor complaints that are remain open for long periods of time. The data cannot be used for understanding the quality / quantity of service provided without the aid of software tools like Excel

Similarly, Excel spreadsheets are extremely sensitive to the formatting of data entered, and can get corrupted easily. There is a high possibility for multiple versions of the file being present making difficult to monitor which is the most up to date version. There are usually no backups maintained and even those that are maintained are dependant on people to ensure that it is up to date. As the quantum of information increases, it will get difficult to monitor and also the system could get sluggish.

Service Request Registration made Easy

New Service Request

So what is the solution? In short Atom Tracker. We have made it extremely easy for users to register a customer service request in just a few clicks. When the customer calls requesting service, your coordinator can easily initiate a service request on Atom Tracker from the service request home page. With searchable lists and options to categorise service requests right from this page, it is easy to capture all customer service requests. There are several other advantages to this model, including but not limited to, assigning service engineers, updating machine details, prioritising, etc. during service request creation.

Once a service request is created it is possible to monitor the status of your active service requests from the pending service request page. For more details, feel free to activate your free Atom Tracker account.