Atom Tracker was designed specifically to cater to SME’s. At Atomfinch we understand how daunting and confusing it must be to identify a suitable service tracking product. The segment is over crowded with software products that try to capture all aspects of your business and pay little attention to the issues faced by your service team. More importantly, who has the patience to enter all that extra information just so you can register a customer request for service and meet his expectation.

CRM software tools have an important role to play in large organisations where it is difficult to keep track of past transactions or commitments that the organisation had with its customers. They are designed more from the point of view of sales than service. A service package should be able to link your service team with your customers seamlessly and instantaneously. That’s why we created Atom Tracker.

Remove the Clutter

It is designed with a few key objectives in mind. Firstly, to track your customer‘s service requests. Secondly, to monitor your service team and its effectiveness in serving your customers. And thirdly, to transmit all this information seamlessly between your office and your service team, including your customers requirement for parts. We have removed the clutter, so you can focus on serving your customer as efficiently as possible.

The best part of Atom Tracker is that we have understood the need for creating a tailor made product for the service industry, but also understood the need for providing it at a reasonable price point. In fact, we recognise the need for companies to try and experience our product before committing their organisation to Atom Tracker. Hence we have provided a free Basic package with all the features of our Enterprise package, including lifetime validity, but limited to 5 active users. For more information please visit the Atom Tracker website.