When we set out to design Atom Tracker, we took up the challenge to create a quick and easy way for the field service team to communicate with their service coordinator or manager. In today’s fast paced world, there is a need to know what’s happening at all sites, at all times. Managers can no longer depend on conventional forms of communication. A service report is the backbone of the¬†service industry. For a very long time, service organisations and customers alike have depended on service reports to capture the status of service requests and officially communicate with service providers.

Service reports tend to capture the following information for the benefit of all concerned:

  • Name and contact details of the customer
  • Service visit, in and out time / date
  • Asset reference name and model number
  • Nature of the service request
  • Activities carried out by the service representative
  • Status of the service request
  • Customer comments
  • Service representative and customer signature with seal

A complete service report will give a service manager great insights into the actual status of the customers service request. It will include a detailed description of the work carried out the components replaced / failed, the expectations of the customer, etc. But there is one major weakness that has plagued service reports since the beginning. They are are physical documents that the field service team has to submit to the office or mail from remote locations. This means that there is almost always a delay between completing the report and analysing it to take action.

Can this problem be overcome? With Atom Tracker, we have threaded the fine balance of retaining service reports and conveying information from the field to the office. Using our free android application, your service team can instantly update the status of complaint and pass one the most relevant information to your service manager. They can update managers of components replaced and/or the requirement for new components, customers expectations and activities carried out. They can also add remarks for future reference.

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