Wouldn’t it be great, if what you see is what you need? The Atom Tracker Dashboard does exactly that. It gives you and your team instant insight into your service business. We realised that the best way to do this was using live tiles that not only give you relevant information, but also act as shortcuts.

Atom Tracker Dashboard

Customers, Assets, Employees and MTTR

The Dashboard gives you a glimpse of your service business. The top row of live tiles include details on:

  1. Number of customers
  2. Number of assets owned by your customers
  3. Number of employees that are part of your service organisation
  4. Your organization’s current average response time for addressing service requests

This information is extremely important to your team as it gives them a clear picture of your organization’s service potential at any given time. Clicking on any tile will take you to the relevant page where you can take further review potential in detail and take action to address the gaps.

The MTTR displayed, is an indication of your organization’s ability to resolve customer service requests, and measures your teams overall performance over time. This figure is extremely important, as it helps your team stay focused and motivates them to ensure that the organization MTTR is matching customer expectations.

Pending Requests, AMC Visits and Planned Requests

In the second row, service coordinators have a clear view of the current staus of the service business:

  1. All pending requests for service
  2. All pending contract visits
  3. All pending planned / goodwill visits

This information is critical to help your and your managers plan and allocate manpower on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Each live tile leads directly to relevant pages, where managers can take further action. The pending AMC visits is an especially powerful tool as it is constantly updating based on visits made and when your team utilises this feature, they can easily manage maintenance contracts to your customers satisfaction.

Parts Changes and Parts Requests

The last few tiles in the second row are related to parts business and act as reminders to your team of the need to follow up with customers based on the feedback received from your service team directly from the site. This is another extremely powerful tool when utilised to its full potential as it reduces any lead time between identifying parts requirement and intimating customers by the manager.