How often do you plan your service activities more than a few days in advance? The most effective service organisations, understand the importance of properly planning their teams service activities several weeks or months in advance. Planning, so far in advance, can be extremely time consuming, and difficult to monitor. More often than not, the best laid plans are forgotten and all the effort that went into the planning is lost permanently.

Companies can plan several types of visits in advance. Some of these include:

  • Maintenance contract visit
  • Good will visit
  • Free check up visit
  • Parts promotion visit
  • Maintenance contract promotion visit
  • Payment follow up visit

Defining such visits for your service organisation is the first step towards creating planned visits. On completing this activity, the next step is to identify potential customers and suitable service staff, for planning visits. To begin with, it is usually a good idea to plan just a few days in advance and then progress to weekly, monthly and yearly planning. A few important points to note when planning visits in advance are:

  • Make sure your plan is flexible
  • Planned visits need to have a clear agenda
  • Service team has to be made aware of the plan well in advance
  • Relevant customer history has to be provided to all concerned so as to make the visit more effective
  • Plan based on customer location so as to reduce travel time for service team

You will agree with me that even a highly experienced manager will find all thus extremely daunting and tedious. For any planning to succeed, it has to be consistent and continuous. But most importantly, you have to follow up to ensure that the planned visits are being executed.

Manpower Utilisation

All of the above information might be interesting. But unless you can execute some or all of the ideas in your organisation, it is irrelevant. So how do you get on top of the task of planning and executing planned visits? The short answer – Atom Tracker. We have always known that manpower utilisation is the most important metrics to monitor the profitability of your service business. Increasing utilization and productivity can substantially increase your profitability. Atom Tracker makes it extremely easy to monitor:

  • Pending maintenance contracts
  • Pending mandatory service visits during warranty
  • Planned visits

All the above visit types have their own live tile on our Dashboard, and act as a constant reminder to your service team. Based on the pending maintenance contract visits and mandatory service visits, your service coordinator can create planned visits, very easily using the same methods followed while creating a customer service request, but entering a future date / time. By doing so the visits is automatically classified as a planned visit, and such visits can easily be tracked.

For more information on this and other features, please register on Atom Tracker and try our free Basic pack.