At Atomfinch we know how important it is for your team to have a simple and intuitive workflow. Atom Tracker was designed to ensure that the process of registering a complaint and monitoring it is as simple as few clicks of the mouse. Through extensive field testing and trials, we have refined Atom Tracker with the features that are most important for managers.

Manage your Service Business

Recording and monitoring customer service requests, planned visits or annual service contracts can be extremely tedious and time consuming. Most organizations still depend on physical registers and spreadsheets to manage their service business. While these do serve an important role even today they are limited by design.

With Atom Tracker, once you feed in the equipment, customer and service team details, you are good to go. Any time a customer calls with a service request, your service coordinator can key in all relevant details, during the call itself. The request can be allocated to a service team member in the field, who will receive a notification on his android smartphone.

The field staff can review the request through the Android App and then chose to accept it based on their current status. The customer location can be identified on Google maps and your field staff can easily find their way using turn by turn navigation. On arriving at the site, your staff can easily check in to the site and once he completes the assigned task, he can easily update the status and checkout of the site.

Your service coordinator can monitor all the pending service requests and also review all visits made. He/she can also add specific remarks to each customer so as to alert the field team on specific activities to be carried out during the visit. In addition, he can also identify potential customers in close proximity for the field team to visit, if there is time available.

We understand how difficult it is to manage your service manpower, so we designed a product that does half the work for you. With quick short cuts to all the important tasks that matter to your service business, Atom Tracker will improve your team’s efficiency and productivity.